Steve Carrod – The Evolution Of Digital

As part of our 5th business anniversary and company rebrand, we are continuing our discussions with the industry-leading digital practitioners to get their insights on some of the major topics in the modern-day. Today our special guest is Steve Carrod, a Co-Owner and Managing Director of a leading digital experience enablement consultancy DMPG. Steve has

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How Can You Attract Diverse Candidates?

Having a diverse workforce is a no brainer. It’s common knowledge that diverse teams drive innovation, creativity, are better at finding solutions to problems, and ultimately improve your company’s bottom line. Having people in your teams from a range of background and experiences creates a melting pot of ideas giving you a competitive advantage and

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5 Tips To Help You Get Hired Right Now

Summary.  Ever been rejected for a job, even before an interview? You’re not alone. To get over your job search woes and get noticed by recruiters, follow these tips. Don’t fixate on just one job opening. Instead, understand that job searching is a numbers game. Not all job descriptions are an accurate representation of the

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