Is your Team Suffering from Burnout?

“Burnout” is by no means a new phenomenon.  It’s an issue that’s been around for a long while, and the ever-changing, digital-first workplace, coupled with the added stressors and strains of COVID-19 has certainly exaggerated the issue amongst employees. In fact, people working across tech and in tech-focused roles are more susceptible to feelings of

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The importance of hiring for soft skills

When drawing up a list of criteria for any opening in your team, it’s easy to fall foul of focusing purely on the technical must-haves of any potential candidate. We look for people who understand essential programming languages, have experience using this certain software or programmes, and be able to demonstrate certain digital capabilities.   Whilst

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7 Ways to Make your Workplace More LGBTQ+ Inclusive

Whilst LGBTQ+ rights and equality should be always a consideration for everyone, every June ‘Pride Month’ helps shine a light on the discrimination the LGBTQ+ community face both in society and in the workplace, and this year is no exception. Diversity, equality, and inclusivity are all hot topics across businesses the world over and while

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